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Volunteer Opportunity Around Kikuletwa Hot springs

Advocating to make a change and Impact local life around Kikuletwa Hot Springs)? 

Volunteering with us will make a great difference to our organization and community. 

Rundugai Cultural Tourism understands that to reach the goals we need volunteers to work with us so as Cultural tourism can make a huge impact in the development of our community. We have the opportunity for volunteers to work in the office and do outdoor activities.

We believe that volunteers will help our organization, our local areas, and our working groups increases capacity and work performance while unlocking opportunities in the tourism and travel industry and making changes to our community through cultural tourism such as improving local livelihoods.

We believe volunteers can be of great help for our social enterprise, especially with staff education & training, organizational development, marketing, or other specific skills that are needed.

So we welcome volunteers to work with us in office and outdoor activities in different field placements.

Office work.

In-office works, we need volunteers with experience in

Fundraise and Proposal.

We need experienced people who will help us in proposal writing and fundraising, supporting various projects in our community, including environmental conservation & wildlife protection, capacity building.

 Website and Web application development.

    Duties on this place,

  • Help in Search Engine Optimization of Rundugai cultural tourism website.

  • Help to improve our website. 

  • Increase selling through the website.

Tourism product development.

Duties on this place, Improve the existing products and help to develop new ones.

  • Working with local groups who make handcrafts to improve their products to fit the international standards market.

  • Building capacity among program members who work with visitors during tours to give out a quality work product. 

Travel content writer.

Duties on this place

  • Help to write on Rundugai Cultural tourism content  blogs, Magazine 

  • Help to write Rundugai contents on the Rundugai website.

Sales and marketing. 

Duties on this place

  • Advice on sales and marketing.

  • Help to connect Rundugai cultural tourism with travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels to increase sales.

  • Working on social media to improve sales.

Outdoor activities.

Swimming instructor.

Duties on this place,

  • Instructing swimming guides at Kikuletwa hot springs to offer reliable services to visitors.

  • Instructing swimming guides best swimming rescue skills.


Duties on this place,

  • Will help take photos around the project and during tours that will be used in our website, social media, and printings, the photographer must bring their equipment.

  • Teaching staff photographing skills.

Rafting experts.

Duties on this Place,

  • Advice about rafting activities.

  • Assessing rivers around our area for rafting activities.

  • To develop a rafting tour in our area.

  • To instruct guides on how to conduct rafting and rafting safety issues.

Environmental Conservation Programme.

We love our environment and we believe through volunteers we can make changes in our village, we welcome all people who are interested in environment and conservation activities to get involved in our project, you do need any skills to get involved just good health, fitness and a high interest towards environment conservation and planting trees to fight against climate change.

We offer environmental conservation activities opportunities to our volunteers in our village Rundugai which is located in Kilimanjaro low land area whereby the climate is almost semi-arid where there is a need of planting many trees and a lot of environmental conservation awareness to recover the area from drought and climate change and protect our natural springs which are the source of life for plants, animals, and humans

Objectives of Conservation program.

  • To plant more trees to protect our natural springs.

  • To decrease vulnerability and improve adaptation capacity among poor local communities associated with Climate Change.

  • To ensure that the natural environment is used wisely and continues to be available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

  • To improve the quality of life of the local community through management and conservation of natural resources.

What volunteer will be done/conservation activities?

  • Establish native nursery trees and planting trees in our village.

  • Take care of new-planted trees in different ways like water dripping.

  • Weeds control, especially those that dominate our natural springs.

  • Wildlife protection and conservation awareness.

Foreign Language instructors.

French, Spanish, German, Italiano, and English, etc.

As a community-based tourism program and social enterprise,  we host different visitors. Some of them are English language non-speakers, which makes it difficult for our staff and local guides to communicate with clients and lead visitors so the instructors will help to teach our staff a foreign language so as to improve workflow.  

Duties on this place

  • To teach local guides other languages mentioned above to be fit to lead and work with visitors of a particular mentioned language.

Time of volunteering.

Our activities can be conducted from one month, two months to three months and above in which we believe one can make great changes in our community and impact our organization and community.

Where to stay.

Volunteers will stay in the village in a suitable and safe homestay with electricity, water, and a toilet.  

What to bring.

Volunteers will bring Laptop, Camera, comfortable walking shoes, sleeping bag, sunglasses, sunburn, and other important personal things.

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 Environment Conservation
 Fundraise & Proposal writing
 Website and Web application development
 Tourist Product Development
 Travel content writer
 Sales & Marketing
 Swimming instructor
 Rafting Experts
 Foreign Language instructor
 Tour guide & Customer care instructor